Our Services - Fun Farm 2 U

Fun Farm 2 U is a unique mobile animal petting farm experience, servicing all types of events and gatherings including:

+ Grand Openings
+ School Incursions
+ Kindergartens
+ Day Care Facilities
+ Markets
+ Grand Openings
+ Birthday's
+ Aged Care Facilities
+ Children’s Parties
+ Regional Shows
+ School Fetes
+ Public Events
+ Festivals
+ Corporate Events
+ Shopping Centres
+ Weddings – Children’s Entertainment

We come to you on our custom semi enclosed animal trailer with all animals on board.
Fun Farm 2 U Mobile Animal Farm is available in the Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula, Surfcoast, Ballarat, Colac, Melbourne, Warrnambool, Bendigo, Shepparton, Hamilton, Horsham, Ararat, Avoca & Phillip Island to name a few.

Animal Welfare

Few people can resist the chance to meet, touch & play with our baby animals! Fun Farm 2 U can create a fun farm atmosphere anywhere that is appealing to both children and adults alike.

The animals we use are friendly and generally accustomed to being handled regularly. Most animals presented by Fun Farm 2 U are either bred on our hobby farm or sourced from a network of reliable local farmers. Many of our babies are orphans or excess stock, who would become surplus to requirements if they didn't become one of our farms babies! They are introduced to a caring and loving environment, which in turn produces a stress free calm animal with a friendly attitude.

It is a strict policy of Fun Farm 2 U to carry out hygiene, vaccination and worming programmes to ensure that our animals are presented at all times in excellent health.

Although there may be some variance due to seasonal availability, the following types of animals have been represented. Special requests can be made to source a particular type of animal if not currently one of our own.

Guinea Pigs, Kid Goats, Chicks, Ducklings, Rabbits, Chickens, Roosters, Ducks, Lambs (Various Colours & Breeds), Miniature Goats, Sheep, Miniature Piglets & occasionally a calf or two.

Please remember to wash your hands thoroughly after handling animals or use our courtesy anti-bacterial hand gel which is available at all entrances at exits.

Farm Trailer & Display Enclosures

Our custom farm display trailer & enclosures have been designed to allow the public excellent exposure and hands on experience with the animals. There are a variety of structure formats and sizes and we can easily design one to suit your individual requirements. Our trailer is fully roofed and semi enclosed for all weather conditions, while a 3mx3m or our 3mx6m H/D marquees can be used for our portable setup if required.

Floor coverings can be used to protect the floor surface for our portable enclosures, while our trailer is fitted with recycled rubber flooring by Regupol Everroll® Classic. Cleanliness is a priority, all droppings are removed immediately and the area is deodorized regularly to reduce the potential of any unpleasant smells.

Our total setup space is 10m X 10m at its largest which includes both the trailer 8m x 2.5m & our portable enclosure 6m x 3m, 6m x 6m or 6m x 9m, we can adjust the shape and size to suit all areas. Our smallest enclosure measures 3m x 6m.

    Fun Farm Trailer Mk2